Meet Heather

Heather Mitchell for Treasurer

Meet Heather Mitchell

Heather is the mother of three children and is the proud spouse of a retired United States Marine, Anthony Mitchell. Before her current marriage, as a single mother, Heather tirelessly worked and successfully managed the demands of three jobs in order to provide a quality life for her young daughter. For the past 23 years, Heather, Anthony and their children have been blessed to live all over the United States and overseas before making Stafford their home.

Heather’s unwavering firmness of purpose throughout her time as an active duty spouse led her down a path of public service. For the past 8 years, Heather has worked tirelessly to solve the real issues facing our community with sensible, dedicated public service.  Heather Mitchell is running for Stafford County Treasurer because she knows that being a citizen serving the needs of her neighbors is the best way to truly represent their shared community. 

Heather’s commitment to working on a truly grassroots level has given her a unique insight into how to best serve you and your family in Stafford. Heather has a passion for speaking with our community members face to face in their front yards and at their kitchen tables. It is precisely this personal devotion to your concerns that enables her to work with local officials and offer results-oriented solutions.

Currently, Heather is the Chief Deputy Treasurer, Officer of Operations for the Stafford County Treasurer’s Office. Previously she was a Delinquent Revenue Collections Agent, assisting in the collection of an excess of $2.4 million in delinquent taxes and fees with a 95% collection rate. In addition to completing her accounting certification through Radford University, Heather has satisfied the Treasurer Association of Virginia’s course requirements for a Master Governmental Deputy Treasurer certification and is finalizing her certification for the Virginia Government Finance Officers Association.